Dunaliella salina

Dunaliella salina belongs to chlorophyta, chlorophytes, volvocales, dunaliellaceae,and halophila, which is a kind of halophilic unicellular eukaryotic algae. It lives in high salinity environment, such as seawater, salt water lake and salt lake, thus becoming the unicellular algae with the strongest salt tolerance. Due to its unique color, it can dye the lake into red or pink. With the length being no longer than 15 μm, and width no longer than 10 μm, dunaliella salina can only be seen under the microscope. Moreover, it has unique features of both flora and fauna, along with the features of phototaxis, strong acid resistance, strong base resistance, high and cold resistance ( -27 ℃) and heat resistance (+53 ℃). Even under the formidable natural conditions, this kind of creature can still show strong vital force.

Dunaliella salina has rich grease, beta-carotene, protein, polysaccharide, etc. Meanwhile, it includes some mineral substances, such as Ca, P, and Zn, as well as other 18 amino acid required by human beings. Accumulated glycerinum accounts for 40%~50% of the dry weight. Under appropriate conditions, beta-carotene can account for 10% of the dry cell weight.

The magical biological phenomena has aroused the wide focus of medical experts and biological experts around the world. Research results show that dunaliella salina is the creature with the most comprehensive life elements, and relevant reserach value can change people’s life span. Especially nowadays, there have been great environmental pollution, radiological hazard, spiritual pressure, food safety problem and abnormal climatic anomaly. Facing the situation, eating dunaliella salina can great enhance people’s immunity, and raise the resisting capacity to the disease. Especially, it can lower the risk of cell variants, thus playing a great role in cancer resistance.

Weizmann Institute shows that, dunaliella salina can cure the lesion. FDA has listed the dunaliella salina into OTC drugs, which can be used in the clinic disease curement.

Statistics show that, there are thousands of clinical experiment reports and academic papers about the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, hepatic disease, tumour, depression & insomnia, gastrointestinal disease and gynecological disease through the use of dunaliella salina. Therefore, prevention and cure of various diseases can be solved by dunaliella salina.

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