Effect and Function of Spirulina Tablets

  1, to improve immunity. Spirulina is rich in polysaccharides and physiologically active substances, can significantly promote the growth of human immune organs, improve the body's non-specific cellular immune function and specific humoral immunity, which play a role in regulating and improving the body's immune function.

  2, to improve physical fatigue, anti-anoxia.

  3, regulate blood lipids, lower cholesterol, which can reduce high blood pressure and prevent heart disease.

  4, adjuvant treatment of gastritis, gastric ulcer. Most of the stomach patients are too much stomach acid, leading to gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases, and spirulina is alkaline food, the stomach has a significant effect.

  5, inhibit the tumor. Rich in anti-tumor factors - algae basket protein and algae polysaccharide, effectively prevent tumor cell metastasis and spread.

  6, for the human body to provide a wealth of protein, vitamins and minerals, to solve the problem of malnutrition.

  7, rich in iron and chlorophyll, improve the anemia effect is significant.

  8, Spirulina can provide high protein and high vitamin vitamins for patients with liver disease, so that patients can be improved and improved.

  9, high protein, low fat, rich in natural plant vitamins, helps to remove the body of toxins, skin care, slimming.

  10, can increase nutrition and can change the acidic body, the stability of the disease has a significant effect on diabetes.

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