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The average annual sunshine over 3,000 hours is an excellent growth environment for spirulina.
Undergroud spring
Underground 500 meters of mineral water, rich in various essential minerals and trace elements, ensure the quality of aquaculture water.
Natural Soda Lake
Ordos has 48 natural alkaline lakes, which provide high quality baking soda for spirulina, which guarantees the quality of spirulina products.
Continental climate
With an average altitude of 1,300 meters, the typical temperate continental climate,here, the dry weather, along with the large temperature difference between day and night, can greatly benefit the accumulation of such organics as spirulina protein
Aerobic air
Located in north latitude 39, and with the altitude of 1300 meters, Etuoke is the most appropriate place for the growth of spirulina.
Fine algae species
Unique growing environment gave birth to China's own spirulina effects - ordos DunDing spirulina effects, a high altitude, high latitudes, the characteristics of wide temperature, low temperature resistant, and the only contains excellent effects of brain gold (DHA), protein content is more conducive to the efficient absorption of human body.
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